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For people on th move

For people on th move

Frequently Asked Questions


Moving tips and advice

Contact Wimborne Removals on 01202 884953 so we can arrange to visit you to give you a free written quotation and free advice about your forthcoming removal whether it be a local removal, long distance or Europe.

Once you have a firm removal date please call us to book your removal in our diary, then complete and return the acceptance form that came with your quotation. Please include where possible your new phone nbumber and any mobile number you may have.

Before we move you it is an ideal time to have that long-awaited clear-out of all your rubbish and junk. There is no point in paying us to move unwanted items from one house to another so try and clear out the loft, garages, sheds and unwanted outside items in the garden.

Please advise all your neighbours of your moving day to ensure we can park a Pantecnicon outside without any problems. If necessary please contact your local police station or traffic wardens and they will arrange to ensure that there is space - they will normally arrange to do this the night before your move if you ask them.

  • It is a good idea to try and organise child care on the day of the move with a member of the family and also any pets you may have.
  • Notify all banks, building societies, credit card companies, DVLA and insurance companies of your new address.
  • Contact your local utility companies and give them your meter readings.
  • Contact your telephone and internet service provider.
  • Try and empty your freezer contents as much as possible
  • Inform your milkman
  • Cancel your paper delivery
  • Label keys for new owners
  • Make sure you keep any legal or important documents you may need with you on the day of the move and not packed away - incase there are any problems
  • Inform your relatives and friends of the move and dates
  • Please don't pack the kettle and mugs!