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What Goes Where? Get Started with Waste Removal in Canary Wharf

If you are currently residing in the Canary Wharf area and you are in dire need of help with a truly crazy amount of rubbish around your home, then you need to look toward the chance of using true professionals. Why is that? Well for starters you won’t have to huff and puff and blow your house down while you struggle with waste removal in Canary Wharf. Let us point out some good examples and useful tips to get you on your way to becoming a true rubbish removal master:

  • Short on storage space? No problem! You can deal with the issue of waste removal by addressing the amount of items, digging through them and figuring out what you need gone and what needs to stay as time goes by. Do keep in mind this will take time and a lot of effort, so professional help will be a good way to cut down on both as time goes by. With professional help you will be able to make all of this work and even the biggest and heaviest of your items will be gone from your Canary Wharf home or office in a jiffy.


  • If you have a closet drowning in items, then you will need to think about going through it and sorting it out to get things under control. Doing this will give you a chance to better recycle what you can within a few short hours. Separate items made of plastics from glass and fabrics and so forth. You will need to know what can and what cannot be recycled by your local Canary Wharf centre, so keep that in mind as you move forward. Rubbish removal is a serious business, so you don’t want to make mistakes in this endeavour. You can do the sorting yourself, but you will likely need professional help with the waste collection phase if Canary Wharf doesn’t have a recycling program going.


So what really goes where? Let’s point out some of the recyclable items and how they need to be separated before waste removal:

  • Glass is recyclable in the form of jars and bottles. These get crushed into pieces and then subsequently melted. The best part about waste removal and the recycling of glass is that it can be done indefinitely, as melting it down and producing new products out of it happens to consume less resources and results in less waste than doing it from scratch.


  • Paper can be recycled as well, as nearly almost all types of paper can be recycled and made into new products. There is a difference however, as paper cannot be recycled indefinitely like glass can, as the max amount of times this can be done is often around six. After that the materials become unsalvageable, though new techniques may improve upon that number.



  • Metal cans such as those serving as packaging for drinks contain aluminium and steel, making them a prime source of recycling. Metals can be recycled indefinitely, so save up on those cans during your waste removal work as aluminium cans can be recycled at only 5% of the energy used to make them from virgin resources, not to mention they only release about 5% of the greenhouse gases used in their original creation. Thanks to improved techniques the full recycling of every can sent to a facility is guaranteed, a complete 100% recycling rate, so separate those before you toss them in the rubbish removal bin in Canary Wharf.


  • Cartons are also recyclable, with some of them impossible to use with recycled fibre, but they can be converted to cardboard when necessary. Although not all cartons can be recycled with the same efficiency, you would still do well to set them aside when you work on your rubbish separation.



  • Electronics are also another type of waste you can recycle, but the situation here is a bit more difficult and different from the previous examples. There are facilities that allow the recycling of electronics, but they will likely have a charge for treatment and collection purposes. Depending on where you live in the world and whether you’re treating corporate waste or not you may have to pay a fee. In most cases you can enjoy free recycling for private individuals. GoRubbishGo is one of the companies which can help you dispose of electronics and recycle them.


Knowing how to recycle waste is essential in today’s world. Disposing of waste the proper way will reduce your carbon footprint and keep nature clean.